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Camelot Unchained Chapter Leader - Icedern

A long time ago, in a basement far, far away....

A 20 year old man was playing video games when a friend of his told him to check out this new game called Everquest. It was a game you play with friends, online. When his friend told him it was like playing Dungeons and Dragons on the computer, his fate was sealed.

That day when I logged into Everquest for the first time, I was hooked on MMOs. I was literally obsessed with them. While I was having so much fun playing, my personal life struggled. In 2001, I had to quit, cold turkey, from Everquest. That break didn't last long. After a few months I was introduced to Dark Age of Camelot, which would be my MMO girlfriend I couldn't quit. Dark Age of Camelot was a game that included everything I loved and still do about MMOs. It had, to this day, the best multi-faction pvp, a large open world, lots of classes and races, but most importantly, it had a strong, tight knit community.

The golden age of MMOs came and I played them all. DAOC was always my goto in between releases. I helped start and lead a few guilds in DAOC, WAR, WOW, Rift, GW2. Some games I would happen to join guilds that looked good if I didn't have many friends playing. The Acolytes happened to be one guild that I joined for Rift, even though I didn't end up playing much with them as some friends decided to play and we started our own guild.

There have been many important people who have come into my life from MMOs. One happens to be my wife, Aija (pronounced Asia) on the forums. We met in a guild while playing Vanguard. At the time we were just friends but eventually our paths led us closer and we've been happily married for almost 6 years. Another guild I joined in WAR, I met my great friend Valdi. We have been playing games together ever since. There are many others that I've met 10 years or so ago that I still play with to this day and I consider them close friends. Friendships that can be forged, such as these, are one of my favorite things about MMOs.

ESO was coming out and after creeping around the Acolyte forums for many years, I felt it was time to get back involved with the community. It was a great decision because it's been a perfect fit for me. The leaders and community have been wonderful.

Now, with some interest in Camelot Unchained from the guild, I think it's a perfect fit for us to have a presence in the game. The main man behind Dark Age of Camelot, Mark Jacobs, is the man behind Camelot Unchained. He plans on making this game everything we loved about old school gaming, but better. Lots of people are calling this the spiritual successor to Dark Age of Camelot. Many of us love to pvp and what better platform to do it in than a game designed specifically for that. I'm looking forward to charging the battlefield with you and yelling our battle cry...because you all know what time it is... tell 'em Kanen!
Acolyte Leadership
Apr 14, 2017
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