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Community Cortex | November 25 — Season of Skulls: Event Wrap-Up

Discussion in 'News' started by AnthemAJ, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. AnthemAJ

    AnthemAJ Guest


    Brave season, Freelancers!

    That’s the last time we can all say that for this year. It’s been a fun, spooky season, hasn’t it? The macabre themes somehow bring a new life to the world of Bastion when paired with the torches and braziers.

    But... it wouldn’t be a good spooky season without a good old fashioned horror story, right? You know, something to scare children into behaving when they’re naught. Though, perhaps a tale with a few other lessons to learn from it, too.

    The Unwinding Box | Story by Jeff Campbell

    The Unwinding Box is rather unlike any of the other stories we’ve shared with you during this season. It’s not a happy story. It’s not a story of bravery or family. It’s a story of two rather awful children who end up, well... rather awfully.

    Consider it a reminder, Freelancers. The world is a dangerous place, now more than ever. People like you keep us safe, but sometimes the greatest dangers we face are the ones we seek out ourselves. Curiosity can be a dangerous thing, though an equally rewarding one at that. Perhaps that’s why so many suit up in their battle-hardened armor and venture out into the wilds; just to see what’s out there.

    The year’s not over yet, though. As many of you know, another seasonal event is on the horizon. As the night air stirs and the gripping fog lifts, a chill now crawls across the land. Winter. It’s not here yet, but it’s inevitable. Get cozy, Freelancer. We’ll have more details to share on the Icetide event at a later date.

    If you’re reading this the day it goes live, remember that today (November 25th, 2019) is the last day you can use crystals from the Season of Skulls event! Use them fast! The Crystals nor the Seasonal Store will stick around post-event this time.

    Final Leaderboard Results
    It wouldn’t be right to close out a season without recognizing the top contenders from the final week! We'll have those scores for you once they're all confirmed and final.

    As we wrap up this Season of Skulls event, we'd love to know your thoughts on it! If you haven't done so already, feel free to share your feedback with us HERE.

    Until next time, Freelancers.

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